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The Best Small Business SEO Company in the USA

When it comes to SEO, it’s very hard for a new business owners to choose what digital service is best for them and which marketing agency or company is reliable for them. We are here to help you with that.

In this article, we will present to you our services and packages but we will be totally neutral and impartial. We are a new company but we have years of experience, thousands of satisfied clients and 100% positive feedback from our customers. We will discuss a few reasons why you should choose Small Business SEO Service as your professional SEO partner. Let’s discuss each one below.

1. Affordable SEO Packages for Small Businesses

When it comes to market a new business or online store, a small business owner always has a very tight budget for marketing and promotions. SBSS provides you with affordable SEO packages for small business, website, blog, youtube channel or an online ecommerce store. You can avail of a basic SEO service for as low as $5 or a custom order of between $5 to $50 or so. Our prices are flexible, we are flexible, we will go above and beyond to satisfy you, profit is not our first priority, we want to make you our long-term client because when you will grow, we will also grow with you.

2. Faster Order Processing & Delivery

Small Business SEO Service always tries to start the work as soon as possible and we deliver the orders before deadlines. The faster it is done, the more chances you will have to rank quickly as Search Engine Optimization is a long-term process and requires months to take effect. That is why we should know the value of time and effort we put to make it possible.

3. 100% Positive Feedback & Customer Reviews

We always get 5-star reviews from our customers, why? Because we deliver them ahead of the deadline with a proper report. Our report includes everything we have done including the guidelines and screenshots. We satisfy our customers and about 30% of them are repeat buyers who want the service again for another website, about 65% of them come back to upgrade their packages for better performance and growth. About 10% of our new clients are referred by our past clients.

4. Google-friendly Service

Our services are 100% Google-friendly and we always follow the policies given by Google itself. We find the most searched keywords in Google and then based on those, we finalize a list to be used in meta tags, content and image alt tags. We don’t do black-hat SEO, we don’t take any shortcuts, and we don’t make fake promises that you will rank #1 in Google. We explain everything to our clients that how things work, how Google ranks your website and what can be done to make sure Google will like your website.

5. Free Lifetime Support

We provide free lifetime support to our new and old clients via Phone, Skype, Facebook, Whatsapp, eMail, etc. We will never let you alone wondering what to do when your business is not growing, we have got your back. As a part of our service, you will be given a report with tips, guidelines and some screenshots that can help you to learn some basics of Search Engine Optimization and do something yourself to save the extra cost of service.

6. Comprehensive & Easy to understand Report

After we are done, we provide a comprehensive yet easy to understand report to our customers. The report consists of a small manual audit done by our experts manually, screenshots of the work done, tips and guidelines for the future and directions if something needs to be done by the owner of the website. This is not a computer-generated report or audit but it is completely written by one of our experts who does the job.


Small Business SEO Service is what a small brand or an online store may need to kickstart their websites in Google Search Results. We will teach you how it works, what will be done and for how much exactly by offering you competitive prices without compromising the quality of work. Plus, we will also help you with other things such as web development, fixing issues, etc, we will help you to outsource the best freelancers for other jobs.

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