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Squarespace SEO Optimization Expert – How to find one?

Squarespace is the best platform for newbies to make awesome and professional-looking websites without any technical knowledge and coding. Got a website and looking for a Squarespace SEO Expert?

Let us help you to find the best agency or freelancer to help you. We know the value of your time so this article will be very precise, to the point and full of knowledge & Search Engine Optimization tips.

There are so many ways to find a professional for your Search Engine Optimization task, some of the easiest and affordable options are listed below.

1. Hire a Pro Freelancer

The cheapest and best way is to hire a freelancer from one of the freelancing sites such as Upwork, Fiverr, Peopleperhour, etc. This option is recommended if it’s your first website, a small website or a small business. You may hire a guy for $5, $50, $100 or $500 maximum for a one-time job.

How to know which guy to hire and for how much? Following are some tips that may help you while choosing a Squarespace SEO Optimization Expert.

  1. Check out their reputation, choose one with the highest number of positive reviews & feedback. Example: You can always filter the search results for better gigs on Fiverr.

2. Choose the one with highest number of 5 star reviews & orders in queue.


3. Send them a detailed message with your requirements and questions and discuss the project with them, maybe a few of them, like 2-5 sellers.


After discussing your project with a few sellers, you can then choose one of them based on a good price and a better service.

2. Hire an SEO Agency


You can find an online Digital Marketing Agency near you or based anywhere in the world. Talk to them, check out their packages, find out more about their past customers and results, ask them questions and compare their packages. The best option would be to compare them online and then visit 1-2 of them physically as it will make you more confident.

Important: Check out affordable Squarespace SEO packages by Small Business SEO Service.

3. Do it Yourself

Want to do it yourself to save you some dollars? Why not, it’s not that much hard. You just need to spend some time learning and implementing things in your store.

squarespace seo checklist

Check out the Squarespace SEO Checklist of all the items you can apply to your website. From site titles and descriptions to Google Search Console, they will guide you with all the steps and there you go, the basic SEO of your site is done.

They also have expert designers and marketers to help you, just go to their Marketplace and filter the results with “Marketing”, you’ll see all the experts with marketing portfolios.


If you don’t want to hire them, just do your own research, watch some tutorials on youtube, make a list of things that need to be done in SEO and do one by one yourself.

4. Hire us as your Squarespace SEO Agency

Small Business SEO Service can help you in all the possible ways, being an SEO Company, we can also help you to do it yourself, you can hire our consultant and we can audit your website for you, we can help you improve your strategy, or simply hire us for a complete project from Keyword Research for your brand to Tracking your rankings in Search Engines. Our services are affordable, we will provide you with free guidelines and free after-sale live support.

Take start with our $5 package to see what can we do for your website.


Got any questions? Let us know in the comments or contact us today for free consultation and suggestions.

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