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Shopify SEO Expert – Affordable, Reliable & Experienced

It is really easy to create a store on Shopify but when it comes to marketing your store, there come challenges. At the start, it’s very hard to get customers and sales. Some store owners do paid promotions & marketing and some rely on free methods such as sharing the link in their circle, Search Engine Optimization & Social Sharing, etc

SEO is what can benefit an online store in the long term and can get you a ton of traffic that may convert you into real customers and returning buyers. We’ll guide you about our Shopify SEO Services and Experts we have so that you can choose one after knowing what you’re going to get and why you should choose us.

You can hire our Shopify SEO Specialist & Consultant via this website or Fiverr, but first of all, let us explain the benefits of hiring us.

1. We are Affordable

Our services start from $5, we do on-page optimization for 8-9 pages for $90 and our link building service is very cheap. We provide high DA backlinks from websites having more than 60+ Domain Authority. For your money, you will get the best services, guidelines, tips and extra-ordinary live support as well.

2. We have 100% positive customer reviews

We have 5-star positive customer reviews on the freelancing websites. Don’t take our word for us, check it out here for yourself. We provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee and guaranteed services to our clients. We’ll explain everything to you before you make an order and everything will be delivered as promised.

3. We provide lifetime after-sale support

You’ll also get free live support for a lifetime from our team, we’ll help you in the future as well and if needed we will guide you with a lot of other things such as paid marketing, social media marketing, graphics design and much more.

4. Comprehensive SEO Report

You’ll also get a comprehensive report at the end of work, that will have all the details of work done, screenshots of the areas/settings/pages we worked on and some extra guidelines and suggestions.

5. Authentic Service, Guaranteed Results

With our Shopify SEO Agency, you will get legit and Google-friendly service that will lead to awesome results. We are committed to doing the service according to Google and other Search Engines Policies and Regulations.

6. Free Updates, Rank Tracking

We also help our clients to track the rankings and performance of their stores in Search Engines such as Google, Bing, Yandex, etc. Also, we do free updates of our service if needed, we stay in touch with our clients to update them if there is something that needs to be updated, changed or improved on their stores.


In a nutshell, we provide agency-level Shopify SEO Packages at really reasonable prices, even our prices are lower than a freelancer. Plus, you can read all the benefits of our service as stated above. Got any questions? Feel free to let us know in the comments below or contact us today.

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